On Quest

On Quest

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Side-scrolling runner set in the medieval fantasy world. It was made for the procjam with an idea of procedurally generating enemies on the line.

Currently the game doesn’t have a tutorial. So here is the short guide of what you should do.

Your goal is to run as far as you can.

  1. Press “Enter” to start the game
  2. You should not let enemies stop you
  3. In order to dodge their attacks you have to execute the right action:
    1. For skeleton - slash him by pressing “A”
    2. For ogre - defend from him by pressing “D”
    3. For hound - jump over it by pressing “W”
    4. For oculothorax (the giant floating eye) - avoid him by pressing “S”

If you run into an enemy doing the wrong action, then the game will restart, which basically means “you died”.

As it’s only a prototype beware:

  1. A lot of animations are missing
  2. Game is not balanced
  3. No UI

Future work:

  1. Improve enemy placement with Genetic Algorithm applying the standard difficulty curve
  2. Add all the animations
  3. Add UI
  4. Improve hitboxes

My role: gameplay programmer

Engine: Unity

ITCH.IO: https://eadventurous.itch.io/onquest

Github: https://github.com/eadventurous/on-quest


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Egor Ivkov

Egor Ivkov

Innopolis University student. Game Developer.

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